The Garden


The garden like always has been left till last. We did however, in April 2017 lay decking so that we at the very least had somewhere to chill during the summer months and had somewhere for Ava to play.

The garden is 100ft long by 50ft wide so its a big project. The majority of the garden is lawn with established shrubs to the right and the dreaded conifers to the left. With the house currently on the market we decided not to touch the bottom part of the garden but to focus on the existing decking area that we created last year which would be our entertaining space.

I absolutely love grey – it is bang on trend, fresh, contemporary and easy to work with. we have graphite grey French doors and so it was easy for us to continue with the use of grey when designing.

When we laid the decking I spent ages trying to figure out what colour to stain it. I didn’t want to go too dark because the area is relatively large but I was concerned about the wear of a lighter shade. Ideally I would have preferred composite decking but it would have cost an absolute fortune given the size. I decided to stain the decking dove grey using  HQC Garden Paint. I have to say the lighter colour on the decking doesn’t wear very well and if you have a small enough area I would recommend the composite decking. It might be expensive to begin but you will save each year on the cost of the stain and also you will save time.

I then stain the existing fence using cuprinol in urban slate to tie in since they were an orange colour. I used just under 5L to do 6 panels and to be honest I only gave them the one coat when they recommend two. I am happy with the coverage.

The garden furniture we had was fine but I wanted to go for the white rattan since purchasing the Acapulco chairs from Oli & Grace. I have these chairs in black and white. The white chair originally started in the house but then ended up the in the garden. I just loved the white against the grey. In addition, I really do feel that white rattan will be the trend for 2018. As a result, I spent a few hours searching the internet to find not only the best price but the best quality too. I find sometimes the quality of the cushions not to be great when you purchase the cheaper alternative. I managed to find exactly what I wanted from billyoh. I have only received the dining table set (waiting for the corner sofa) at the moment but I have to say the quality is excellent. I am pleased to inform you all that they have currently reduced the price for the set shown in the picture above to £399.99 which is £90.00 less than what I paid – typical.

To finish it off we have purchased two stainless steel patio heaters from mano mano and a fire pit from vonhaus. The planters and Buddha are from a local garden centre.

I have copied the links below for ease:



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