Mirror Mirror on the wall……


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I get asked so many times where I got these bevelled mirror tiles from. I can confirm they are from My Furniture who is one of my favourite online furniture stores. Their prices and quality are amazing and I have never been disappointed.

The idea of the mirror wall originally came from a well known interior designer sal Oconnor also known as Hesellic Design. I was originally going to do this feature wall in my entrance hallway but decided against it after falling in love with the square mirror (x3) I purchased from Dunelm. so I decided to do it on the upper landing as a feature and to bounce the light around.

To create this look  took 6 boxes which consist of 6, 30cm x 30cm square tiles. My husband put the tile up which was a slow process. We found that the first row of tiles could not take the weight of the tiles above. Therefore, i would recommend you do the first row then allow to dry and then repeat the process until you get the desired look. MyFurniture recommended we use silicon to stick the tiles to the wall. We also used nails to support the weight of the tiles whilst they dried to prevent them from moving. Do not be surprised if you find the tiles are not completely flush. We had our whole house plastered and we still found one or two was sticking out slight however, unless you go right up and observe the tiles you do not notice it.

If you would like to recreate this look please see link below.




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