Cleaning Product used & tips on cleaning porcelain floors.

Kitchen done

 Cleaning Product used & tips on cleaning porcelain floors.

I get asked so many times what I use to clean my kitchen cupboards. I have always loved the look of high gloss but like most was concerned about finger prints and smears. I absolutely love contemporary living and so needed to find a solution being that I have a toddler and I wasn’t prepared to compromise. I have tried so many different products like washing up liquid, surface spray and even dilated bleach none of which worked. I took to the internet to find a product that would provide all the answers to my prays. I managed to find a product called Unika – this product was specifically designed to be used on high gloss surfaces – it was reasonably priced and came with a micro fibre cloth.  I can safely say this is the best surface cleaner I have ever used. It is smear free and because you use a micro fibre cloth you don’t get any scratches on the surface. It actually lasts a long time too and is great value for money. I usually get mine from Ebay because you usually save when you buy more than one spray (link below). Unika sell an aerosol and a spray  version. I have tried both and find the aerosol version to be the best – the other does smear!!!

My top tip is not to use fabric soften when you clean the mico fibre cloth. Fabric softener believe it or not stays within the fabric so when it is damp or wet the residue causes smears. This will also apply to any window cleaning cloths or glass cloths you may have and even your steam mop pad.

The second question I get asked a lot is how I keep my porcelain floors so clean and shiny. Firstly, we do not wear shoes in our house. Secondly we usually wear slippers or socks because the sweat from your feet (particularly in the summer) actually cause smears which drives me mad. I have to say I do hoover every single day and I use the Vax steam mop (link below). I believe water is the best thing for porcelain tiles. I have used cleaning products and found they all leave smears. A steam mop is perfect because the steam kills the bacteria on the floor as well as removing marks and dried spillages and is smear free. I usually steam mop 3 times a week and I have to say on the whole my floors are smear free and shiny.  When I finish with my mop pad I usually hand wash and rinse using boiling hot water because fabric softener although smells lovely causes the dreaded smears.

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