Dressing a side table and/or console table.

Console tableconsole 3

Dressing a side table and/or console table

I get asked quiet a lot how to dress a side table and/or console table. To be perfectly honest this was something I struggled with at the start. I always used to think you had to have something at each end and in the middle and that it has to be the same height. Well…. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I think they key to making a side table/console table look pretty awesome is the use of different heights. This can be achieved in so many ways as illustrated in my photo above. The use of interior/fashion books is a great way to achieve this with the smaller items such as candles, diffusers, corals etc. It also can add well needed colour or can just simply turn a simple item such as coral into something more exciting and intriguing. In addition, I would always recommend putting something above the table such as a mirror, decal or collage of photos which is a great way to create a statement/feature.. If however you decide to have more than 5 items on your table I would suggest toning down what you hang above. For example, if you have a collage of photos above your console table, only have a few items on the table because it can end up looking cluttered and will take away from the beautiful collage you have put together. It really is true that sometimes less is more. I think as well using vases with some artificial flowers can look really lovely and again inject some well needed colour. I think for me the best place for artificial flowers is the range and dunelm. They look amazing and are great value for money. The best place to go for nick nacks to put on your console/side table is Kelly Hoopen, The Range, Zara Home, Next, Dunelm & Ikea. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to look amazing.


In addition, don’t be afraid to try something different or put different items together when you are shopping. It can end up costing you a lot less and its actually quiet satisfying. For example. the orchid arrangement I have in my hallway was put together by me. I wanted a really elegant statement piece and I have to say I am a sucker when it comes to orchids. However, I am a nightmare for keeping them a live and therefore wanted it to be artificial. If you want a statement piece you are looking at well over £100 which I didn’t want to pay. So when I went to the range I tried different plates and trays and ended up with what I believe to be an even better statement piece then one that has already been arranged by the supplier and what is even better is that it cost a fraction of the price.

Remember the key to a fabulous side table/console table is the use of different heights.

Thanks for reading.

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