Living Room


Living room new

I have to say this is this probably one of my favourite room in the house. It is simple, stylish and contemporary all of my wallpaper-sales.jpg sssfavourite things. I am in two minds at the moment about whether to paper the back wall. I wanted to paper it when we first did the living room around 1 year ago. However at the time we had blood red sofas. Not usually my first choice in colour however, they were £5,000 sofa’s reduced to £2,500 because someone had changed their minds and therefore the store needed rid ASAP!! I did purchase a number of wallpaper samples at the time but it was really difficult to find a paper that complimented the red. The paper I am looking to purchase now that we have changed our sofa is the beaded silver Harlequin paper. I just love its striking oriental design and when the light hits the micro beads you get this amazing shine which highlights the beautiful detail on the paper.

TV Unit

Anyways, I get asked a lot where the TV unit is from – its from the amazing Wayfair however they no longer sell it but I have found an alternative supplier for you which actually has the LED lighting included (link below).

I absolutely love entertainment walls and we were originally going to built one ourselves, which would have incorporated a fire unit however, when we calculated the cost of materials etc. we decided against it. It was more cost effective to buy one already made. I instantly went to Wayfair –  they are a one stop shop, catering for all your needs and I find their prices to be reasonable too.


The oak furniture we have in our living room is also from Wayfair and 4living (link below).*Shopping&utm_term=1102300492184&utm_content=Ad%20group%20%231

I don’t usually like oak furniture  because I find the colour is usually orangey and the furniture usually has a shine to it. However, the Kielder Hudson range is more of a white oak in colour with no shine. I I think as well at the time I wanted to inject where I could some well needed colour. This range can be used in the living room, dining room and bedroom. It is a little pricey bit I really do feel the overall quality justifies the price tag.





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